Happy bride! - 2018 - Prop room for DIY enthusiasts

We just had our wedding at the Inn at West Settlement last weekend, and it could not have been more perfect. The house, the barn, the scenery, Kim’s gracious demeanor, we couldn’t have asked for more. If you are a DIY enthusiast, this is your dream wedding venue! with tons of props to choose from, you can really make the decor your own, and spending the entire 3 days on the grounds with our closest family memebers was such a special time. Would 100% recommend this venue!!1

-Susie N.

It means the world to us when couples and their families really take up and enjoy all The Inn at West Settlement has to offer. Not only the natural scenery and the barn and farmhouse, but our infamous prop room, which grows by the season. In the off season, one of our bigger jobs and most fun is to scout thrift stores, antique stores, and yard sales from VT to NY for the best finds to add to our ever growing and changing prop room.

The vast collection of vintage china and the vintage chairs are continually being added to.